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Engineers Week 2023

In honor of E-Week 2023, three of WGI’s Engineers faced off in a competition for the ages! Tune in and witness as our contestants test their ingenuity in a battle amongst each other, racing against time to build their model rocket system and successfully launch in this epic showdown!

Founded by the National Society for Professional Engineers (NSPE) in 1951, E-Week is a formal coalition of more than 70 engineering, education, and cultural societies, as well as more than 50 corporations and government agencies dedicated to ushering in a new generation of diverse and well-educated engineers. Their mission is to increase understanding and interest in engineering and technology careers.

In their unwavering attempt to raise public awareness of engineers’ positive contributions to the overall quality of life enjoyed by millions, E-Week is the culmination of a year-round commitment made by professionals to promote the importance of technical education and a high level of math, science, and technology literacy.

Engineers Week: “Creating the Future!

This year’s E-Week theme is “Creating the Future!” By working together to develop new technologies, products, and opportunities, engineers envision and manufacture new possibilities that make our world a better place. E-Week’s primary goal is to inspire the next generation by celebrating the ways that engineers help create a better future for our cities and communities!

During this week-long event packed with programs ranging from Future City Competition to Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, students are engaged in person and virtually through discussions about the engineering profession, taking part in STEM activities and games, and listening to anecdotes regarding their future profession.

Getting Involved

Keeping in line with our Core Value of “being the change you seek,” WGI proudly supports the efforts of the NSPE and its partners in Engineers Week. This year, three of WGI’s Engineers faced off in a competition for the ages. Our contestants volunteered to test their ingenuity and skills in a battle amongst each other, seeing who could build their model rocket system and successfully launch in an epic race against time!

Find out who the winner is when you check out the full video of the competition below!

Get Involved!

Are you interested in Creating the Future by helping to inspire and educate the next generation of engineers? Then check out our careers page to see what new opportunities await you at WGI!

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