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Event Recap: Career Day 2024

WGI associates were eager to educate and inspire the next great generation of engineers at Howsman Elementary School’s recent Career Day in the heart of San Antonio, TX!

With the opportunity to share WGI’s enthusiasm for engineering and commitment to inspiring the next generation of STEM enthusiasts, our team was honored with the opportunity to participate in Howsman Elementary School’s Career Day in the heart of San Antonio, TX.

Comprising of Jeremy Doege, Judith Mancilla, & Christopher Velasquez, our team eagerly embraced this opportunity to engage with the inquisitive minds of Howsman Elementary School’s 3rd grade. And equipped with a presentation highlighting just a few of WGI’s highly impactful Public Works projects, our team set off to unveil the thrilling and transformative world of engineering to all youth in attendance.

career day
Christopher Velasquez (Left), Judith Mancilla (Middle), Jeremy Deoge (Right)

The day of inspiration kicked off with an introduction to our associate’s roles within WGI, thus providing the young audience with insights into the diverse and dynamic focuses available across the industry. Our team then shared background on the educational paths that led to each position, stressing the importance of a solid foundation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education.

Our team’s commitment to STEM education permeated the presentation as they not only shared exclusive details about their experiences but also underscored the numerous opportunities that come alongside pursuing an education in engineering. The objective was simple: to inspire these young minds to consider the vast possibilities that a career in STEM can offer while also encouraging them to dream big and explore the dynamic world of engineering.

And although our presentation focused primarily on public works projects, our team also seized the opportunity to delve into the broader field of civil engineering. In doing this, our team highlighted the wide variety of roles and projects available within our industry and, in turn, gave Howsman Elementary School’s 3rd grade a glimpse into the endless pathways they can explore with a career in engineering down the road.

career day

The enthusiasm and curiosity displayed by the students were nothing short of inspiring. Actively participating in the presentation, the students asked a multitude of questions, showcasing their eagerness to learncareer and explore the world of engineering.

“It was heartening to witness their wide-eyed fascination with the possibilities that STEM careers could provide.”

Christopher Velasquez, Senior Graduate Engineer

As our team’s presentation wound down, it was evident to all those in attendance that our goal of igniting interest and excitement for a career in STEM had been achieved with the genuine engagement of the students and their thoughtful questions reflecting the impact of our efforts in planting the seed of curiosity.

WGI’s commitment to STEM education goes beyond our daily work; it extends to initiatives such as Career Days and similar events. We believe in nurturing the future generation’s interest in engineering and empowering them with the knowledge that can shape their academic and professional journeys.

Be The Change You Seek!

Are you interested in joining an organization that’s as passionate about what they do as they are in helping inspire and educate the next generation of engineers? Then check out our careers page to see what new opportunities await you here at WGI!


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