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Texas Water 2023: A Record-Breaking Splash in Houston

WGI associates were recently in attendance at Texas Water 2023, the largest regional water conference in the Nation.

From April 11-14, 2023, Houston, Texas played host to the largest regional water conference in the Nation, Texas Water 2023. The event aims to bring together water industry professionals from across the country to network, learn, and engage in support of water, wastewater, reuse, and stormwater systems.

Produced by the Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT) and Texas AWWA (American Water Works Association), this year’s conference not only met expectations but surpassed them with attendance figures of approximately 6,200 registrants, validating its reputation of being the “Largest Regional Water Conference in the U.S.”

WGI played a substantial role in the conference this year acting as a gold-level sponsor. WGI also sponsored the highly popular Innovation Lounge, which provided a platform for innovators in the water industry to demonstrate the latest groundbreaking technologies being used in the water industry to a focused regional audience.

texas water 2023

Conference Highlights

Industry professionals were abundant and the collaboration was a huge success. Engineers, vendors, contractors, and clients alike enjoyed various showcasing’s of the latest innovations and the myriad of learning and networking opportunities available. Among the top moments of the conference were various insightful presentations and an abundance of engaging hands-on experiences that were available for attendees to participate in.

Not only did Texas Water 2023 provide educational and networking opportunities, but WGI also found the chance to give back to the community through the Water for People hosted silent auction that took place during the event. Water for People is a global non-profit working across nine countries to address the global water crisis and equip communities with lasting access to clean water and sanitation services. You can learn more about their mission and donate to the cause HERE!

Attendee Insights

Leigh Thomas, WGI’s Director of Public Infrastructure – Water, Water Environment Federation (WEF) Senior Delegate, past president & current WEAT board member, reflected on her 25th year attending and volunteering at the event, stating,

“Texas Water 2023 did not disappoint! Sponsoring the Innovation Lounge allowed WGI to show support for critical innovation in the water industry and allowed the innovators an opportunity to demonstrate technological capabilities to a focused regional audience. Anyone working in the water industry in Texas and beyond benefits from Texas Water as an education and networking platform.”

Other WGI associates in attendance also shared their experiences from this amazing event:

Christopher Velasquez, Senior Graduate Engineer: “I had an amazing experience at Texas Water 2023! It was a great opportunity to connect with professionals working in the water/wastewater industry. Being able to collaborate and learn from so many speakers, vendors, engineers, and contractors is an opportunity I am grateful for.”

Edgar Segovia, Project Manager: “Texas Water is always the marquee event of the water/wastewater world, and this year was no exception. It was a tremendous opportunity to represent the firm in a potentially new market while advancing our technical knowledge through educational sessions and vendor exhibitions. The connections made and learning opportunities our entire team had will help the firm and our team expand our client base and cement us as both industry experts and trusted advisors to clients.”

Jeremy Doege, Market Leader: “Texas Water 2023 was so impressive and provides the ideal platform to bring water industry experts together to expand the knowledge centered around the importance of water. The urgency of upgrading existing infrastructure, protection of the environment, and how all water industry experts can collaborate to keep this precious resource safe for the public were some of the highlights from his experience at Texas Water 2023. It truly makes me proud to be part of the water industry spanning 22 years.”

texas water 2023 wgi

Despite the high turnout and packed schedule, WGI team members were able to coordinate and seamlessly accommodate an array of events including the Presidential Dinner, award luncheons, the Women of Water Breakfast, and even assisted in the moderation of a technical session.

Ready for Next Year?

Texas Water 2023 was an unparalleled opportunity for water industry professionals and enthusiasts to gather, learn, and forge connections. With record-breaking attendance, informative presentations, and hands-on experiences, the event left a meaningful impact on everyone involved.

WGI attendees of this year’s conference are already gearing up for Texas Water 2024! We are immensely proud to be part of such a vibrant professional community dedicated to preserving and enhancing our most precious resource – water.

texas water 2023

Contact Us!

If you’re intrigued by discussions and developments surrounding the water engineering & water management profession or would like to implement some of the innovative and groundbreaking techniques & methods that were discussed at the event, we highly encourage you to contact our experienced team of Water & Wastewater professionals today to discuss your next project!

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