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How E-commerce Affects Land Use — and How COVID-19 Affects E-Commerce

WGI’s Lisa Nisenson was featured on the American Planning Association’s podcast to discuss rapidly changing e-commerce trends and technologies, and the long-term implications of COVID-19 on the way planners are thinking about the future.

In this recent podcast from the American Planning Association, Planning magazine Editor-In-Chief, Meghan Stromberg talks with Lisa Nisenson, vice president for new mobility and connected communities at WGI, about what e-commerce trends mean for land use and contactless delivery.

They discuss delivery bots, drones, and other trends that will have a major impact on every community’s land and airspace. Meghan and Lisa also discuss the long-term e-commerce implications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can listen to the APA podcast episode here:

Rapidly Changing Delivery Trends

“Rapidly changing e-commerce trends and technologies mean big changes for land-use and infrastructure planning”, Lisa says.

Lisa notes that “once regarded primarily as a segment of transportation, freight and deliveries are increasingly commanding attention from a wider range of planners, government officials, and policy makers. The rapid rise in e-commerce deliveries and online food and grocery orders is driving many cities to develop a range of strategies to control curbside congestion. E-commerce impacts, however, extend far beyond the curb.”

Want to learn more?

Read more of Lisa’s article “Primed for Deliveries”  that was featured in American Planning Association’s Planning Magazine or Contact Lisa and our Mobility Experts Directly.

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