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Webinar Recap: The Programmable Street: The Future of Vibrant Streets

Webinar series recap! Lisa Nisenson and Angela Biagi discuss a groundbreaking new approach to designing and managing streets.
programmable street webinar

In this session of WGI’s Webinar Series, Lisa Nisenson and Angela Biagi discussed a groundbreaking new approach to designing and managing streets: the Programmable Street. They discussed how cities can unlock value by optimizing street, curb, and sidewalk spaces by programming streets physically, digitally, and economically.

WGI Mobility Hub

Attendees tuned in to watch and listen to Lisa and Angela share their expertise, best practices, and rethinking how we design and manage streets. Jennifer Foote, the VP, Customer Success at
Beep, and Alex Espositio, CEO & Co-Founder of Circuit also presented during the webinar and shared how their companies are contributing to the future of vibrant streets. Our attendees also submitted thoughtful questions for our panel to answer live at the conclusion of the presentation.

If you missed the live session, you can watch it in its entirety below:


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