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Infill Development Zone in San Antonio

The purpose of the IDZ district in is to encourage development, or redevelopment of San Antonio’s underutilized buildings or historically underdeveloped areas by having a more flexible approach to design and development of infill projects.
Community Revitilization Action Group

Relatively new to the San Antonio development ordinances is the Infill Development Zone overlay district, also known as the “IDZ” zoning district. The purpose of the IDZ district is to encourage development, or redevelopment of underutilized buildings or historically underdeveloped areas by having a more flexible approach to design and development of infill projects. The IDZ zoning designation can be utilized as a base district, or as an overlay to a base district, and typically is allowed within the Community Revitalization Action Group (CRAG) target area however can extend beyond this area depending on the status of existing structures and vacant lots.

Due to the wide range of uses and limited land use and design control within the district, typically a site plan is required when applying or developing an IDZ zoned property which will identify items such as land use, density, building location, access points, and public improvements if required. Typical development hurdles such as building setbacks, parking area, offsite traffic improvements, landscape and parkland requirements are waived during the platting and building permit process. When utilized in conjunction with incentive packages such as the ICRIP (Inner City Reinvestment Policy) and CCHIP (Center City Housing Incentive Program), most developments may find the necessary leverage to make a project work within the confines of a downtown property.

For commercial projects, a set of Urban Design regulations may apply depending on items such as height and location of any adjacent buildings. Detached residential lot developments can be reduced down to 1,500 s.f. lots with limited to no public access to help promote urban density. There a host of other regulations that are modified, limited, or waived for IDZ properties, hence certain developments may benefit from rezoning to an IDZ designation.

Contact our San Antonio office to see if your project may be eligible or benefit from this creative land planning tool.

San Antonio Infill Development Zone

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