David Wantman | WGI

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David Wantman is always looking ahead, as he aggressively and strategically leads WGI into the future. The key is to strike just the right balance between the company’s associates and the needs of the clients.

“You can’t be stagnant,” explains Wantman, chief executive officer of WGI. “The company has to grow to allow our talent to grow. We also have to treat our clients really well, which means quickly meeting their expectations, even on the largest, most complex projects.”

Wantman has long understood the intricacies of running the civil engineering company that his father founded. At 13, he was copying blueprints for the business and just a year later joined one of the survey crews. Now that Wantman’s name is on the door and his reputation on the line, he is at the center of delivering every quality project on budget and on time, if not before. These are values he is passionate about and strives to instill in everyone.

“We strive to be smarter, work harder and make decisions quicker than our competitors,” he adds. “We achieve that by hiring really good people who want to win and be successful in their careers. That’s the culture here.”

That same competitive spirit drives Wantman in his leisure activities. It’s only natural that he excels at snow skiing, a sport that requires extraordinary balance and vision to reach the bottom of the mountain—or in his case, the top of the mountain.