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Onsite Water Reuse Systems in Austin, TX

With a new code going into effect on December 1st, 2023, onsite water reuse systems will now be required for several new commercial & multi-family development projects throughout Austin. But don’t sweat it – WGI is here to help!


What developers need to know about Austin’s Onsite Water Reuse System Ordinance requirements

Onsite water reuse systems have become a necessity for new commercial and multi-family development projects in Austin, TX, and the latest ordinance requires their implementation for projects exceeding 250,000 gross square feet. While this requirement is crucial to reduce the city’s dependence on limited water resources, developers and building owners may find it challenging to meet these new mandates without expert guidance.

Who does this affect?

Building permit applications submitted on or after December 1, 2023, will require an onsite water reuse system for new commercial and multi-family development projects of 250,000 gross square feet or greater. These projects will have to collect and treat rainwater and air conditioner condensate (greywater) for reuse in buildings for toilet/urinal flushing, laundry, irrigation, and cooling.

Multi-Family Rendering

In addition to the requirement, Austin Water will require the building to obtain a water reuse permit from Austin Water. Thus, any commercial or multi-family project that meets the criteria above will be required to have a reuse system and obtain a permit for the reuse system from Austin Water.

Effectively Planning and Designing for Onsite Water Reuse Systems in Austin

With the new ordinance in place, development teams will need to have implementation plans regarding the onsite water reuse system design and installation. Modern water reuse systems demand additional plumbing installations to collect and filter greywater and rainwater for reuse.

In addition to the regulatory requirement, onsite water reuse systems offer several benefits for commercial and multi-family developments.  They promote water conservation at a time when it is most needed, with Texas facing increasingly frequent droughts and dwindling water supplies. By collecting, filtering, and reusing greywater, development teams can showcase their commitment to resiliency and commitment to their communities by significantly reducing city water requirements and saving millions of gallons of potable water annually.

The WGI Difference

If you are planning to develop or renovate a commercial or multi-family development in Austin, our expert team of MEP engineers can help you design efficient water reuse systems and assist your team in delivering maximum success for your project.

Greywater Reuse Diagram
Sample functionality of an onsite water reuse system

WGI’s MEP team boasts a robust portfolio of demonstrated expertise and can ensure your development adheres to the new mandates. Contact our team today – we look forward to discussing how our MEP experts can contribute to your project today!

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