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Project Spotlight: Circa 730 Parking Garage Restoration (Atlanta, GA)

Constructed approximately 60 years ago, the Circa 730 Parking Garage is a four-level facility that sits beneath a multi-story office tower. 

Restoration and structural repair work have recently concluded at the Circa 730 Parking Garage located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Overview of structural repairs in progress

After completing a multi-million-dollar renovation on the office tower, the owners of the Circa 730 complex were looking to also renovate the top level of the parking garage.

WGI’s Restoration Team (Andrew Kong, Juan Sanchez, and Attila Gergely) was engaged by the owner’s representative to lead the garage’s renovation effort. WGI’s scope of work included an engineering assessment, structural analysis, preparation of construction documents, and construction administration services.

circa structures
Overview of structural repairs in progress

During the engineering assessment process, WGI outlined multiple issues affecting the top level of the garage. The 60-year-old garage was in relatively poor condition, yet performing as expected for a parking garage of its age and construction type. The top level of the garage was aesthetically unappealing, exhibiting structural distress and under-reinforced structural elements, among other issues.

Overview of structural repairs in progress

In response to these concerns, WGI’s Restoration Team developed a repair program based on the engineering assessment’s findings, addressing the garage’s multiple aesthetic and structural issues at the top level. WGI’s repair approach was outlined in two categories:

  • Structural repairs
  • Preventive maintenance repairs
circa structures
Overview of structural repairs in progress

Structural Repairs

In general, parking garages are exposed to more severe conditions than other types of structures. Exposure to ambient weather conditions, harsh chemicals (road salt), extreme temperature fluctuations, and continual wetting and drying can result in premature deterioration of the structural components, which can be costly and in many cases, weaken the facility’s overall structural integrity. The Circa 730 garage was no exception, as thousands of square feet of concrete repairs were needed to be completed at the top level of the garage to restore its structural integrity.

circa structures
Overview of preventive repairs before and after

Preventive Maintenance Repairs

The existing urethane-based deck coating system installed more than a decade ago to protect the top level of the parking garage was beyond its service life, showing multiple failures and compromised areas. The typical service life for a urethane-based deck coating is approximately 7 to 10 years.

circa structures
Overview of preventive repairs before and after

In general, a compromised deck coating system can lead to premature deterioration of the concrete surfaces below and of the embedded reinforcing steel, increasing future repair and maintenance costs. A compromised deck coating system can also lead to water migration to the levels below causing damage to vehicle paint finishes, light fixtures, and electrical distribution systems, and in general, can pose a nuisance to facility users and maintenance staff.

Overview of preventive repairs before and after

WGI recommended a full deck coating replacement throughout the top level of the garage.

circa structures
Overview of preventive repairs before and after

Restoration Tip:

Existing structural or architectural drawings were not available to the design team during the renovation process; this is typical for many older garages/structures. WGI’s restoration experts can reverse engineer most structures based on 35 plus years of restoration experience, field observations, and limited non-destructive testing. Proper knowledge and insight of a structure will enable a more tailored repair approach resulting in more economical and long-term repairs.

If you are looking to renovate or restore an existing structure, Contact WGI’s Restoration Experts today for an assessment.

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