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How to Manage the Coronavirus Crisis and Plan for the Future

Of all the contingencies facility owners and managers planned for in 2020, a global pandemic was probably pretty low on the list. WGI has some key strategies that facility owners and managers leverage to keep your operations functioning effectively and safely amid this global pandemic.
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These are challenging times for everyone. Of all the contingencies you planned for in 2020, a global pandemic was probably pretty low on your list. Unfortunately, the unimaginable has happened. Many facility owners and managers are now struggling to keep their operations functioning effectively and safely amid this global pandemic, which isn’t an easy task. No matter what type of facility you manage, you’re probably being asked “What’s your post Covid plan?”.

In a crisis, it is natural to focus only on near-term business results and adopt a pure survival strategy. But that could mean winning the battle but losing the war. Facility owners and managers are now asking the right question, “How can I manage the coronavirus crisis and plan for the future?”

Managing the Crisis

Whether you own a parking facility or commercial building, sanitation is of paramount concern. Until this crisis passes, it is advisable to take a proactive approach and use hospital-grade cleaning supplies and adhere to guidelines established by the CDC. Additionally, when designing new buildings, consider sheathing these areas in copper, which has virus-killing properties.

These approaches are just as important in parking facilities, but parking owners and operators should take it a step further by focusing on PARCS and other payment equipment. This can be accomplished by installing frictionless parking equipment or offering contactless payment apps encouraging parking patrons to set up contactless payments via those apps.

Park Smart

Owners and operators of parking facilities can also promote public health through their operational strategies. They may be able to close some sections of their garages, concentrating services in specific portions of the facility to reduce the area that needs to be regularly sanitized.

For Buildings, HVAC systems are at the forefront of health and well-being because COVID-19 is primarily transmitted through the air via respiratory droplets. Facility managers are asking the question: how can our systems be comfortable for our tenants while also safely reducing the risk of airborne transmission of the Coronavirus and other viruses?

Whereas in the past, the primary air quality concern was tenant comfort, now it is just as important to provide the healthiest environment possible. In the post-Covid world, developers and building owners have an opportunity to leverage a better HVAC system as a competitive advantage.


The Post-Covid World

Building owners, developers, and parking owners face unprecedented challenges today. Public health will continue to be a paramount concern even after the pandemic is over and the virus is under control. It will be essential to have health plans in place to protect visitors, tenants, and staff. By starting with these basic approaches, building owners, developers, and parking owners can go a long way towards promoting public health.

Developers and building owners must be able to adapt and leverage themselves these opportunities for success., WGI’s planners, building designers, and parking experts will help anticipate your needs and provide some provide certainty in this uncertain world. Contact our team today.

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