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Project Spotlight: Lockwood-Dignowity Park

WGI provided a suite of engineering services for the redevelopment & unification of Lockwood and Dignowity Parks in the heart of San Antonio, TX.

We are thrilled to showcase a groundbreaking project located in the heart of San Antonio, TX, that seamlessly merges two distinct parks, Lockwood Park and Dignowity Park, into a unified and rejuvenated green space!

As part of San Antonio’s 2017-2022 bond program, this initiative, led by the collaborative efforts of WGI and TBG Partners, who served as the project’s lead landscape architect, has not only redefined public spaces as we know it but has also fostered connectivity, accessibility, and community engagement.

Previously standing as two separate parks bisected by Burnet Street, this visionary project involved the integration of the Lockwood and Dignowity parks, accompanied by strategic enhancements to the surrounding roadways.

The result? A harmonious and inclusive urban oasis that serves as a testament to not only thoughtful design but community collaboration.


Complete Streets Design and Accessibility

Central to the project’s success was the enhancement of the multimodal park accessibility features, emphasizing bike access, ADA-compliant sidewalks, and parallel parking to ensure secure and convenient park access.

Working in tandem with local utilities, our team successfully relocated overhead electric lines, thus improving visual accessibility and opening up unobstructed views from the park toward San Antonio’s picturesque downtown skyline.

Tailored Design for Community Needs

The meticulous design process, spearheaded by WGI, encompassed a range of services to meet the diverse needs of the project.

WGI performed civil, transportation, site drainage, utility coordination & design, traffic study/planning, traffic & pedestrian signal design, and roadway design.

This comprehensive approach, combined with the landscape architectural expertise of TBG Partners, resulted in a revitalized park that now features not one, but TWO new dog parks, enhanced sidewalks, playgrounds, and two new restrooms, numerous trees & upgraded landscaping, and countless other amenities for all users.


Comprehensive Infrastructure Upgrades

In conjunction with park enhancements, our team also implemented significant infrastructure improvements. This included an upgraded irrigation system, improved parking and vehicular access, closure of Burnet Street, and water & sanitary sewer utility upgrades to support various park features.

Collaboration for Maximum Impact

With a project of this magnitude and impact, it’s no surprise that effective collaboration played a tremendous role throughout the project’s execution.

Our team worked closely with CPS Energy, the San Antonio Water System (SAWS), the City of San Antonio (CoSA), telecommunication providers, and neighborhood stakeholders. This inclusive approach ensured that the project achieved maximum benefit for all users while still meeting local standards.

To enhance park amenities further, our design team worked with multiple agencies and City departments to secure funding from the Inner City TIRZ. These funds were instrumental in designing and constructing North Hackberry Street adjacent to the park, resulting in improved safety and reduced traffic, enhanced pedestrian signals, and ADA-compliant ramps.


Safety and Future-Ready Design

The upgraded features and improved safety measures, guided by WGI’s expertise, have transformed the Lockwood-Dignowity Park into a welcoming space for the entire community.

The design, crafted by TBG Partners, also allows for future expansions of park amenities in alignment with the next CoSA bond cycle and coordinated tie-in to the Hays Street linear park project currently under design by WGI which provides connectivity to multiple parks and the Riverwalk.

Comprehensive Project Highlights:

  • Pedestrian Mobility
  • Neighborhood Connectivity
  • ADA Accessibility
  • Safer Park Access
  • Street Improvements
  • Coordination with Multiple Stakeholders
  • Intersection Improvements for Enhanced Safety
  • Construction Administration
  • And More!

The collaboration between WGI and TBG Partners in unifying Lockwood and Dignowity Parks stands as a shining example of how thoughtful design, strategic planning, and community engagement, encompassing a spectrum of services, can reshape urban spaces!

The transformed Lockwood-Dignowity Park now stands as a symbol of unity and inclusivity, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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