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Wekiva Parkway Segment 6 Project Overview

WGI’s Senior Vice President of Transportation, Nancy Clements, was on-site at the Wekiva Parkway Segment 6 Project to discuss the environmentally sensitive Wekiva River and all the unique features of the project.

Section 6 of the Wekiva Parkway is a four-lane divided (expandable to six-lane divided by widening in the median), limited-access toll facility, from west of Old McDonald Road to east of Osprey Hammock Trail.

wekiva bridges

The project includes the construction of a two-lane service road paralleling Wekiva Parkway for the entire length. Two ramps connecting SR 46 with the new four-lane limited access facility are also included.

Nancy Wekiva

The Wekiva Bridge spans 360 ft and was constructed from the top down in order to protect the surrounding environment during the construction phase and provide undisturbed and safe habitat for wildlife after completion.


The Wekiva River Crossing is designated as a Federal Wild and Scenic River. Throughout the preliminary design process, extensive coordination was performed with local agencies/stakeholders and the National Park Service to achieve approval in accordance with the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

Check out the video below to uncover the conscientious design aspects and features that were implemented during the construction phase of the segmental bridge.

WGI’s Transportation Team
has worked on multiple diverse and environmentally conscientious projects like Wekiva Parkway Segment 6.

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