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WGI Unleashed Podcast Episode 83: Andrew Miller, Senior Client Manager

On the latest episode of the WGI Unleashed podcast, we sit down with Andrew Miller, a Senior Client Manager based out of WGI’s San Antonio, TX office!

Welcome back to another captivating episode of the WGI Unleashed Podcast!

In our 83rd episode, we explore the story of Andrew Miller, WGI’s Senior Client Manager in our Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering (MEP) department.

Andrew’s journey from a young engineering enthusiast to a key figure at WGI showcases his dedication, passion, and diverse range of interests. This episode offers a fascinating glimpse into his life, career, and the hobbies that have helped shape him into the professional he is today!

Laying the Foundation

Andrew, who was born in Orlando, Florida, grew up in the greater Tampa Bay area.

Unlike many kids who grew up with LEGO sets, Andrew found himself drawn to K’nex. He enjoyed assembling and disassembling the pieces in unique and creative ways, and with this early fascination with “how things work,” it was clear that Andrew was taking his first steps into the world of engineering.

A pivotal moment in Andrew’s youth came in the form of a TV commercial, which sparked his interest in pursuing a career in engineering. Determined, Andrew applied to only one school—Georgia Tech—where he majored in mechanical engineering after deciding that Robotics was not the path for him. Andrew relished the experience of attending college in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, a non-traditional college environment that offered many unique experiences and opportunities.

From Intern to Senior Client Manager

While at Georgia Tech, Andrew participated in an internship co-op program, gaining hands-on experience through multiple internships at the same company. Looking back, Andrew realizes that this experience was crucial in his professional development and has also helped to pave the way for a job offer upon graduation.

However, upon graduating in 2010, and amidst the lingering effects of the 2008 recession, Andrew felt the urge to explore new horizons and gain additional professional experience. A job opportunity in Austin, Texas, found through Craigslist, of all places, allowed him to dive deeper into the MEP industry and cut his teeth with one of the largest firms in Texas. This move proved instrumental in his career, providing him with invaluable experience.

Andrew’s next opportunity came in the form of Big Red Dog, a firm later acquired by WGI. This acquisition opened up numerous opportunities for him, enabling significant growth within the MEP department. Today, as the only Senior Client Manager at WGI, Andrew serves as the point person for all new MEP opportunities, describing his role as:

“Working at the intersection of creativity and engineering expertise.”

The Man Behind the Engineer

Beyond his professional life, Andrew is a self-described “Hobby Guy,” with his passions including golf and woodworking. Although he has yet to become a scratch golfer, his woodworking skills are impressive, as he’s built nearly all of the furniture in his home. Music has also played a significant role in Andrew’s life, as he has been playing the trumpet and guitar for many years.

Once an avid weightlifter, Andrew now also enjoys days at home alongside his wife and their Shih Tzu – Peter Cornelius (affectionately known as Peco).

Engineering for the Community

Andrew takes immense pride in creating spaces that serve his community. He finds excitement in seeing people interact with the designs he has helped bring to life and relishes seeing the enjoyment that his work can bring to his clients. This dedication to his community and profession truly sets Andrew apart as a leader in the MEP field!

Join us in thanking Andrew Miller for sharing his fascinating story – from his early days in Tampa to his current role at WGI; Andrew’s story is one of inspiration, growth, and unwavering dedication to his craft!

Don’t forget to tune in next time as we unravel more captivating tales and insights on the WGI Unleashed Podcast. Until then, stay inspired and keep unleashing your potential!

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