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Parking Engineering Firms Dallas

It’s easy to underestimate just how much effort, planning, and skill goes into designing a good parking structure. The best parking engineering firms, Dallas, take various influencing factors into consideration and create an optimized space that’s easy to manage and maintain.

At WGI, we have worked in this industry since 1983 and have built many parking structures of different kinds. You can know more about our tailored services by calling us on 866 909 2220 or contact us through this form. We have a dedicated team of experts who can handle parking projects of all scales and sizes with ease.

Services Provided By the Best Parking Engineering Firms, Dallas

Our parking engineering services cover all aspects of such projects. Clients receive comprehensive support throughout the project from the planning process to final execution. Here’s a look at the services we provide:

Structural engineering and functional design
Feasibility and financial studies
Technical assessment
Master planning

As one of the best parking solutions companies in Kalamazoo, we leave no stone unturned during the project so you always get good, consistent results.

Restoration and Preservation

We don’t just build new parking structures, but also restore or preserve old ones. These buildings are designed to function for a long time but are subject to wear and tear. Old parking lots develop structural problems, cosmetic issues, and other such concerns after exposure to weather conditions or traffic.

As one of the best parking restoration firms in Charlotte NC, we know how to identify weaknesses in older structures and determine what kind of repair or restoration they need. A well-planned restoration will extend the lifespan of a parking lot by several years.

Why Choose Us?

We are considered one of the best parking consulting firms in Texas because our company provides a comprehensive range of services. Clients don’t need to deal with multiple third-party vendors because they get all the assistance they need from one source. Here’s a look at what makes us a good choice:

Experience – WGI was established in 1972 and we have been working on parking spaces since 1983. It means our team of highly-trained professionals have ample experience in this space.

Technology – We use the latest transformative technology to support all expert services. This reduces the margin for error and ensures all our projects are structurally sound.

Environmentally Friendly – Parking structures and similar installations can place a strain on the environment. Our team uses creative design approaches to ensure the parking structure is more eco-friendly.

Versatile – Our team has designed parking lots for both public and private entities. This gives us an in-depth understanding of customer expectations, project requirements, traffic, etc. Our company’s portfolio includes hospitals, international airports, urban plazas, sporting arenas, and similar structures.

WGI is one of the most trustworthy parking engineering firms in Dallas. We make sure all communications with clients are open and honest, which means you always get straightforward advice. Our goal is to exceed client expectations by providing a great consulting experience, responsive service, and quality results.