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Breaking Ground on WGI’s Latest Projects

The groundbreaking ceremonies for “The Fort” Pickleball Facility, the City of Georgetown New Parking Garage, and the Walnut Street Redesign Project mark significant milestones in the journey toward urban progress and community prosperity.

In the realm of urban development and infrastructure, groundbreaking ceremonies symbolize the inception of transformative projects that shape the fabric of communities. Recently, WGI has been at the forefront of several such endeavors, each poised to make a significant impact in their respective locales.

Let’s shine a spotlight on these groundbreaking initiatives and explore the promise they hold for the future.

“The Fort” Pickleball Facility: Serving Sport and Community

Located in Snyder Park, Fort Lauderdale, “The Fort” Pickleball Facility promises to be a beacon for sports enthusiasts and community gatherings alike.

With 43 meticulously designed pickleball courts catering to all skill levels, from recreational to championship, this facility aims to become a premier destination for players across the nation. But it doesn’t stop there. WGI’s involvement in planning, site design, and civil engineering ensures that this project transcends mere sporting infrastructure, integrating amenities such as a pro shop, food and beverage offerings, and lakefront attractions.


What makes “The Fort” truly special is its status as a public-private partnership between the developer, “My Park Initiative,” the City of Fort Lauderdale, and the American Pickleball Players Association.

This collaboration not only underscores a commitment to athletic excellence but also underscores a dedication to fostering community engagement and economic development. National tournaments are already on the horizon, with the inaugural event slated for December 1, 2024. With construction underway, led by Watt, Inc. as the construction owner’s rep and Miller Construction as the builder, “The Fort” is set to redefine the sporting landscape of Fort Lauderdale.

City of Georgetown New Parking Garage: Elevating Urban Mobility

Parking scarcity can stifle the vitality of any downtown area, but the City of Georgetown is tackling this issue head-on with the construction of a new 315-space parking garage.

Serving as both a solution to parking woes and a catalyst for economic growth, this project signifies a strategic investment in urban mobility and accessibility. As architect of record, engineer of record, and municipal parking experts, WGI is proud to play a pivotal role in bringing this vision to fruition.

parking garage

Funded by a combination of sources, including the American Rescue Plan Act and certificates of obligation bonds, this $19.8 million endeavor is slated for completion by September 2025.

Beyond providing much-needed parking infrastructure, the garage represents a commitment to sustainable urban development and community enhancement. By alleviating congestion and facilitating easier access to Georgetown’s downtown attractions, this project lays the groundwork for a more vibrant and interconnected cityscape.

Walnut Street Redesign Project: Pioneering Pedestrian-Friendly Urbanism

In the heart of Green Cove Springs, the Walnut Street Redesign Project heralds a new era of pedestrian-friendly urban design.

Marking the commencement of construction for Phase One, this initiative is poised to revitalize the historic downtown area, creating a welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike. With a keen focus on enhancing walkability and aesthetics, the project encompasses a range of improvements spanning from infrastructure upgrades to landscaping enhancements.

walnut street

WGI’s involvement as a partner in this endeavor underscores a commitment to holistic urban planning and revitalization efforts.

With funding sourced from the American Rescue Plan Act and tax revenue funds totaling $3,172,747, the Walnut Street Redesign Project represents a strategic investment in the long-term prosperity of Green Cove Springs. As construction by CGC, Inc. gets underway, the community can look forward to enjoying safer, more inviting streetscapes that celebrate the city’s rich heritage while embracing its future.

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The groundbreaking ceremonies for “The Fort” Pickleball Facility, the City of Georgetown’s New Parking Garage, and the Walnut Street Redesign Project mark significant milestones in the journey toward urban progress and community prosperity.

Through collaborative partnerships, innovative design, and a commitment to excellence, WGI continues to be at the forefront of shaping the built environment for generations to come. As construction progresses and these projects take shape, they serve as tangible symbols of progress, opportunity, and the enduring spirit of community advancement.

Ready to bring your next project to the groundbreaking point? Contact WGI today to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help turn your vision into reality.

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