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P.L.A.C.E. Project Spotlight: Carroll County Growth & Prosperity

Discover how WGI’s expertise in land use planning and economic analysis has positioned Carroll County for success as we showcase the comprehensive study that’s paving the way for sustainable growth and community preservation!

At WGI, we’re proud to showcase our recent engagement with Carroll County, MD, having played a pivotal role in shaping the Economic Development and Land Use Study (ED&LU) in preparation for the upcoming Carroll County General Development Plan (GDP). This comprehensive study was designed to provide a holistic understanding of the county’s current economic landscape, land use patterns, and zoning regulations to guide future recommendations for sustainable economic growth!


Overview of Study Components

The ED&LU Study encompasses various crucial components that serve as the foundation for informed decision-making in the GDP:

  1. Economic Profile: A detailed analysis of the current economic drivers in Carroll County, providing insights into the factors influencing residents, businesses, and potential investors.
  2. Real Estate Market Overview: A comprehensive examination of the real estate market, identifying trends, opportunities, and challenges that impact economic development.
  3. Development Function: Understanding the role of development in shaping the economic landscape, exploring potential areas for growth and improvement.
  4. Zoning and Land Use Analysis: An in-depth analysis of existing zoning regulations and land use patterns to formulate recommendations for future development.
  5. Growth Scenarios: Scenario planning to evaluate economic and fiscal tradeoffs, ensuring a strategic approach to future growth and development.
  6. Opportunities: Identification of specific opportunities for economic development, including greenfield projects, redevelopment trends, and industry-specific growth areas.
  7. Public Engagement: A robust public engagement process involving key stakeholders, public workshops, and interactive design charrettes to gather valuable input and insights.

Insights into Carroll County’s Economic Ecosystem

The ED&LU Study not only provides analytical insights but also taps into the rich tapestry of Carroll County’s economic development ecosystem. Conversations with key regional stakeholders and a thorough assessment of economic assets contribute to a nuanced understanding of the county’s unique strengths and opportunities.

Balancing Growth While Preserving Community Values

Public engagement feedback played a crucial role in highlighting the community’s values, such as the appreciation for the rural character and a high quality of life in Carroll County. This feedback, coupled with stakeholder interviews, shaped the study’s recommendations and ensured a future of balanced development that aligns with the community’s vision.


Strategic Planning for Future Success

To achieve the county’s goals and objectives, our project team crafted recommendations and land use decision guidance. This includes addressing infrastructure deficiencies, analyzing development factors, and providing a baseline assessment of housing as it relates to economic development.

WGI’s Integral Role

WGI took a leadership role in managing the public engagement process, creating a branding guide, and developing personalized logos to define the project’s visual identity. Our comprehensive services included:

  • Land Use Planning
  • Economic Analysis
  • Community Engagement
  • Data and Mapping
  • Scenario Planning
  • Project Branding
  • Project Management

Visualizing Carroll County’s Assets

The creation of a countywide asset map integrated resident feedback with data from Esri Community Analyst and Data Axle. This powerful tool visually represents concentrations of amenities, cultural landmarks, and businesses, providing valuable insights for future investment and economic opportunity.

The Economic Development and Land Use Study for Carroll County’s General Development Plan is a testament to WGI’s commitment to shaping vibrant and sustainable communities. By leveraging our expertise in land use planning, economic analysis, and community engagement, we have laid the groundwork for informed decision-making that will contribute to the county’s future success.

We look forward to witnessing the positive impact of these insights on Carroll County’s growth and prosperity!

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Learn more about the Carroll County Economic Development and Land Use Study and contact our team today to discuss how we can support your community with a comprehensive study poised to aid in positive and sustainable economic growth!

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