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Insights and Expertise
for a Changing World

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world as we know it. WGI is here to help you navigate the future with expert insights and relevant services.

Let's Move Forward

Relevant and timely thought leadership sets your consultants apart during times of challenge. The papers featured here were each authored by WGI professionals in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Discover how building owners and developers can leverage a better HVAC system to keep occupants safer and create a competitive advantage.

Retailers need the flexibility to adapt quickly to the constantly changing landscape. We can help you anticipate change and design for the future.

Promote public health and protect patrons with these operational management strategies for your parking structure.

The aftermath of COVID-19 will  change transportation services and choices. How can we use technology to make it work better in this new environment?

Insights & Updates

Here are the latest insights, expertise, and updates from our team:

More Insights, Expertise, and Updates

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How to Manage the Coronavirus Crisis and Plan for the Future

Of all the contingencies facility owners and managers planned for in 2020, a global pandemic was probably pretty low on the list. WGI has some key strategies that facility owners and managers leverage to keep your operations functioning effectively and safely amid this global pandemic.

Mass Timber CLT Structural Engineer

Mass Timber: The Opportunity Is Now

For developers and designers, now might be the right time to consider using mass timber on your next project. Our Structural Engineering team takes a look at the numbers.

Michael Davis Podcast TZL

TZL Podcast: Michael Davis on WGI’s Response to COVID-19

April 23, 2020

Michael Davis, senior vice president and chief strategy officer at WGI, talks to The Zweig Letter Podcast about the state of affairs at WGI and how we’re responding to COVID-19.

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