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Delray Beach Travelers Safer with WGI’s ‘Complete Street’ Roadway Design

The ‘complete street’ roadway design project in Delray Beach will help to ensure safer access for all roadway users including pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.
Delray Beach Complete Streets

WGI is pleased to announce it finished construction on the first of four segments of its complete street roadway design project along NE 2nd Avenue in Delray Beach, helping to ensure safer access for all roadway users including pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.

WGI’s cutting-edge roadway design includes improvements to the roadway surface and sidewalks, as well as the addition of green pavement bicycle lanes. Traffic-calming features, which encourage slower vehicular travel speeds, were designed into the plans as well. These include: raised intersections, brick paver crosswalks, landscaping, and curbed landscape islands.

“Communities throughout Florida are utilizing the ‘complete street’ concept and design standards to encourage bicyclists and pedestrians use of roadways as a means of transportation,” said Brian LaMotte, PE, Vice President of WGI. “We are proud to have conceptualized a design that balances the safety and convenience of all roadway users and improves the overall look and feel of the neighborhood.”

Under a continuing contract with the city, WGI’s responsibilities for the project include: roadway design, drainage design, surveying, permitting, street lighting, signage and striping, landscaping, and irrigation. In addition, WGI coordinated grant funding documentation and reporting with the Florida Department of Transportation, preparation of the final bid documentation, and the bidding process.

This is the first (and most southern portion) of four segments along NE 2nd Avenue to be restored – all of which are expected to be completed by summer 2018. Segments two through four will continue the complete street project to the northern limits of Delray Beach.

The complete street roadway design is part of the NE 2nd Avenue/Seacrest Boulevard Beautification Project which includes a collaboration between several organizations, businesses, and residents including: the City of Delray Beach, the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency, the Del-Ida Park Homeowners Association, and the Florida Department of Transportation.

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