Here’s Why 811 Is Not Always Enough To Find The Utilities Around Your Project

WGI SUE experts explain why 811 is not enough to find the utilities around your subsurface utility engineering project.
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Our Subsurface Utility Engineering team can accurately locate buried Utilities for your project needs – ASCE Quality Level B Investigation (designates) for a horizontal location of buried utilities, followed by ASCE Quality Level A Investigation (Test Holes) for horizontal and vertical verification, as well as facility confirmation (size, material).
In this photo from an actual WGI project, a gas line was designated (ASCE – QLB) and verified with ASCE QLA (Test Hole) by WGI approximately 4.7 feet away from the horizontally inaccurate 811 one call markings.
utility locate SUE
It is critical for most projects to determine the actual locations of buried utilities to avoid construction delays, direct damage to a dangerous facility, and possible safety concerns for workers and the public near any future improvements.
By using our specialized SUE services, your project can proceed safely, efficiently, and with the least amount of disruptions. Contact us to learn more about our resources and how we can show you what is hidden.

WGI’s SUE experts will help you avoid costly conflicts, damages, delays, utility service disruptions, redesigns, claims, injuries, and even lost lives.

For more information about these topics or to have a conversation with one of our experts, please contact us:

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Bob Clemens

National SUE Services Manager


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