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Passion For People: Inspiring and Mentoring the Next Generation

At WGI, “Passion For People” isn’t just one of our Core Values, it’s something we embody in everything we do, especially when it comes to inspiring our future generations.
Passion For People

At WGI, we recognize the importance of investing in the next generation. Each day, we strive to uphold our commitment to participate in the growth of our local communities. At the heart of each community, we find people with ambition and tenacity working toward their goals.

Each is looking to achieve something they have dreamed about since they were a child, or they are following in the footsteps of family members. Some may just be proving to themselves that “can’t” is not an option. No matter the reason, we are energized by people who are passionate about their pursuit, and we want to be a part of their journey!

Connecting Passion With Purpose

One of WGI’s Core Values is “Passion for People” and we believe in the difference people can make. WGI professionals engage their “Passion for People” daily by mentoring other staff members, collaborating to bridge gaps between beginner and expert. Our professionals also volunteer time working with students in local colleges to spark the students’ enthusiasm for their chosen career.

For example, Sal Arnaldo, PE and Jeremiah Slaymaker, PSM have served as adjunct instructors at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering. Jim Sullivan, PSM participates in FAU Student Mentorship, serves as a guest speaker for multiple classes, and volunteers at labs with students and professors. Russell Yeager, PE has taught at San Antonio College and Siri Soth, EIT is currently coordinating with the Austin Community College campus in hopes to set up future internship opportunities at WGI.

Jim Sullivan
Jim Sullivan, PSM, giving the students at Conniston Middle School in West Palm Beach, Florida, an overview of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS).

A Hands-on Approach to Learning

Most recently, Rick Armond, our leading Survey/SUE Technician in the Tallahassee office, instructed classes at the Tallahassee Community College.  Rick assisted students by explaining the fundamentals associated with coordinate geometry and then led the group through various field exercises by measuring angles and distances throughout a control network established on campus – also known to the students as the “job site”!

Tallahassee Community College - Survey Mentoring

Repetitive measurements and observations were performed with various types of equipment, ranging from a compass/cloth tape to a total station/EDM (electronic distance measurement).  This progression through primitive to more advanced equipment allowed for a better understanding of accuracy and precision.

Tallahassee Community College Mentoring

All students participated enthusiastically and sincerely appreciated his time. Rick was a spark in their career journey! As class wrapped up, each student went home knowing “it all starts with a good survey!” Let’s all take a moment and think about how we can help someone find their passion. Be that spark in someone’s journey and engage your PASSON FOR PEOPLE!

Let’s Connect!

If you want to know more about what a career in land surveying looks like, or are interested in having our professionals come to your school or organization to share their knowledge and expertise, contact us now! We’re always eager to help inspire our future generations through our passion and experience.

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