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WGI Triumphs at the 2024 ACEC Engineering Excellence Awards Gala

WGI’s geospatial experts secured the prestigious National Recognition Award at the 2024 ACEC Engineering Excellence Awards Gala, the third industry award presented to the Brightline High-Speed Rail Project.

The 2024 Engineering Excellence Awards Gala (EEA), hosted by The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), proved to be a powerful and inspirational event yet again this year. Celebrating the outstanding achievements of engineering firms worldwide and the remarkable projects they have spearheaded, this annual gala is a testament to the innovative spirit and dedication of the engineering community.

Each year, distinguished judges from various industry sectors meticulously evaluate projects based on criteria such as uniqueness, innovative applications, future value to the engineering profession, and complexity. As it has become tradition, the prestigious event took place in the heart of Washington, D.C., drawing top engineering talents from across the globe.


Among the many celebrated firms that were awarded hardware at this prestigious event, WGI stood out as a 2024 National Recognition Award Winner, honored for our significant contributions to the groundbreaking Brightline High-Speed Rail project. This accolade marks the third major award for the project, following the MAPPS Geospatial Excellence Award and the ACEC-Florida Engineering Excellence Award secured earlier in the year.

The Brightline High-Speed Rail Project: A Modern Marvel of Engineering

Florida, as with much of the nation, is currently experiencing a transportation revolution, with the Brightline High-Speed Railroad acting as the de facto ‘locomotive.’ This state-of-the-art rail system, connecting Miami to Orlando with plans for future development to Tampa, offers an alternative to time-consuming, expensive, and increasingly dangerous vehicle travel while promoting sustainability.

Credit: Roaming Railfan

HSR Constructors spearheaded the project, with WGI providing critical geospatial and land surveying services to support the initiative. The construction of the dual-track railroad within the historic Florida East Coast Railway right of way, covering over 130 miles, demanded precise surveying and geospatial services over three years to ensure its success.

WGI’s crucial role involved construction layout, surveying, and asset information collection, supporting the enhancement of the existing railroad into a dual-track high-speed corridor, including improvements to 155 at-grade road crossings and 28 bridges. Each bridge had unique measurement and monitoring technologies, ensuring stringent accuracy criteria for track geometry and rail gauge. The construction of the bridges, particularly the longest at 1,650 feet over the Sebastian River, required long-term monitoring to ensure structural integrity for high-speed train travel.

Credit: Roaming Railfan

WGI employed cutting-edge technologies that verified existing conditions, assessed as-built structures, and managed potential conflicts during construction to achieve the highest level of precision and accuracy. One of the innovations developed during this project, the Work Order Tracking System (WOTS), helped our team of experts effectively coordinate multiple survey crews within an active railroad right of way. To ensure safety and efficiency, WGI implemented a revolutionary automated monitoring system using robotic stations with cellular connections for continuous measurements.

The innovations from the Brightline project are now being applied in various engineering projects across the nation, revolutionizing geospatial engineering and paving the way for future advancements.

If you would like to learn more about WGI’s involvement in the Brightline High-Speed Rail project, be sure to check out the video below:

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