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2023 MAPPS Geospatial Excellence Award – Brightline Phase II Zone 4

WGI is proud to announce their recent receipt of the 2023 MAPPS Geospatial Excellence Award – Field/Survey Data Collection for their work on the Brightline Highspeed Rail Project!

Innovation stands as the cornerstone of progress in the ever-evolving landscape of transportation infrastructure. And it is this spirit of innovation that has propelled WGI’s Geospatial team to new heights, culminating in their recent triumph at the 2023 MAPPS Geospatial Excellence Awards – taking home the prestigious MAPPS Geospatial Excellence Award in the category of Surveying/Field Data Collection.

Let’s delve into the story behind this prestigious accolade and the groundbreaking project that earned our award-winning team another honor.

MAPPS: Leading the Charge in Geospatial Excellence

MAPPS, the premier association for private practitioners within the geospatial community, is renowned for its dedication to fostering growth, professionalism, and innovation within the industry. Through a myriad of initiatives, including professional education, networking opportunities, and advocacy efforts, MAPPS serves as a guiding light for firms striving for excellence in the geospatial arena.

Credit: The Roaming Railfan

One of MAPPS’ most esteemed endeavors is the Geospatial Excellence Awards, an annual celebration of firms whose projects exemplify professionalism, integrity, and achievement. With a rigorous evaluation process spanning five distinct categories, these awards recognize the best and brightest within the geospatial realm.

Brightline Highspeed Railroad Project: Pioneering Innovation in South Florida

At the heart of WGI’s triumph lies the transformative Brightline Highspeed Railroad Project, a testament to Florida’s ongoing transportation revolution. Spearheaded by WGI’s team of Geospatial professionals alongside HSR Constructors, this visionary initiative sought to revolutionize rail travel in South Florida, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional vehicle transit.

WGI’s role in this monumental undertaking was pivotal, as they were tasked with providing geospatial and land surveying services throughout the project’s execution. Over the course of three years, WGI’s award-winning team navigated the project’s complexities with precision and expertise, ensuring its overall success.

Cutting-Edge Geospatial Services

Central to WGI’s success were the cutting-edge geospatial services they employed to tackle the project’s challenges head-on. From geodetic control and ground-based Lidar systems to hydrographic surveys and ground-penetrating radar, WGI leveraged an array of advanced technologies to deliver unparalleled precision and accuracy in the construction of over 130 miles of dual-track high-speed rail, 155 road crossings, and 28 bridges.

Of particular note was WGI’s innovative Work Order Tracking System (WOTS), a web-based tool that revolutionized crew scheduling and equipment coordination within the active railroad right-of-way. This streamlined approach not only optimized efficiency but also reduced project costs, showcasing WGI’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Client Satisfaction and Industry Recognition: A Testimony to Excellence

HSR Constructors, the contractor behind the Brightline project, expressed unwavering support for WGI’s contributions, citing their capacity, technical expertise, and commitment to excellence as integral to the project’s success. Deron Haptonstall, Project Director at HSR Constructors, lauded WGI’s dedication to quality and safety, highlighting their invaluable role in advancing the project’s progression.

Credit: The Roaming Railfan

WGI’s industry recognition further underscores one of our core values—a commitment to excellence. With the firm securing the prestigious ACEC Florida 2024 Engineering Excellence Grand Award, WGI’s status as an industry leader has been only further solidified, and we now have the opportunity to showcase our expertise on the national stage.Brightline

Shaping the Future of Geospatial Engineering

As the Brightline Highspeed Railroad Project continues to redefine transportation infrastructure in South Florida, the lessons learned from this groundbreaking initiative are poised to revolutionize the future of geospatial engineering. From automated monitoring systems to revolutionary gauge measurement techniques, WGI’s innovations are paving the way for a more efficient, sustainable, and connected future.

WGI’s Geospatial Excellence Award serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and client satisfaction. As we continue to push the boundaries of geospatial engineering, one thing remains clear – the future of transportation infrastructure is in capable hands.

Innovations in Lidar Mapping

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