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Project Spotlight: Clear Lake Trail & Boardwalk (West Palm Beach, FL)

Discover how WGI seamlessly blends urban connectivity with natural conservation in the Clear Lake Trail & Boardwalk project, integrating innovative design and engineering to enhance the landscape while preserving the purity of Clear Lake, West Palm Beach’s primary drinking water source.

Enhancing Connectivity and Conservation at Clear Lake Trail & Boardwalk

Nestled on the periphery of downtown West Palm Beach, Florida, the Clear Lake Trail & Boardwalk stands as a testament to WGI’s commitment to blending infrastructure with nature.


WGI seamlessly integrated design, engineering, and environmental stewardship in the final phase of the Turquoise Trail project, which connects Okeechobee Boulevard to Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard and links downtown to the east as well as Palm Beach Outlets Mall to the west.

This effort resulted in the creation of a mile-long pedestrian trail and a 700-foot boardwalk along the banks of Clear Lake, effectively connecting the trail to Downtown West Palm Beach.

Blending Nature with Urban Connectivity

WGI’s landscape architecture experts envisioned more than just a pathway; they envisioned a quaint and charming experience.

The design encompasses not only functionality but also embraces the natural beauty of the surroundings, with canopy trees strategically planted along the trail to provide shade and offer a respite from the Florida sun while enhancing the scenic beauty.


Furthermore, littoral plantings along the edge of Clear Lake serve the dual purpose of enhancing aesthetics while improving water quality.

By incorporating natural water purification methods, WGI ensured that the project contributed positively to the health of Clear Lake, a Class 1 water body and the primary drinking water source for Downtown West Palm Beach.

Innovating for Conservation

Preserving the integrity of Clear Lake was paramount in the design of the boardwalk.

WGI’s structural engineers were presented with the challenge of connecting the new portion of the trail with Okeechobee Boulevard, which Clear Lake runs up against. Our professionals employed innovative techniques to minimize disruption to the lake’s ecosystem. As such, timber decking and railing supported on piling within Clear Lake were utilized, reducing the project’s footprint and preserving the natural habitat.


Two distinct foundational systems were also employed, each meticulously chosen to minimize environmental impact while ensuring structural integrity.

Prestressed concrete piles were used for elevated portions of the boardwalk, seamlessly integrating with Okeechobee Blvd, while multi-pin diamond piers were deployed for the majority of the boardwalk, reducing displacement within the lake.

Meeting Challenges with Innovation

Designing within the constraints of an aggressive schedule posed a challenge, but WGI’s multidisciplinary approach and commitment to excellence prevailed.

With expertise spanning civil engineering, landscape architecture, environmental services, structural design, subsurface utility engineering (SUE), and survey services, WGI navigated the complexities of the project while meeting FDOT’s LAP schedule.


Moreover, WGI’s dedication to innovation extended to the approval of a non-standard foundational system, showcasing our ability to adapt and overcome challenges to deliver exceptional results.

Connecting Communities, Preserving Nature

The Clear Lake Trail & Boardwalk is more than just a pathway; it’s a testament to the harmonious coexistence of urban infrastructure and natural conservation.

By seamlessly integrating design, engineering, and environmental stewardship, WGI has not only enhanced connectivity but also contributed to the preservation of Clear Lake, ensuring that future generations can enjoy its beauty and purity.


As West Palm Beach continues to evolve, projects like the Clear Lake Trail & Boardwalk serve as reminders of the transformative power of thoughtful design and innovation in creating sustainable, vibrant communities.

WGI is proud to have played a role in this landmark project and looks forward to continuing to shape the landscape of Florida for years to come.

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