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WGI Unleashed Podcast Episode 60 – Hang Masterson, Studio Manager

On this episode of WGI Unleashed, we get to know Hang Masterson, Studio Manager for our Landscape Architecture team in the West Palm Beach, FL office.
Hang Masterson

In the 60th episode of our WGI Unleashed Podcast, we spoke with Hang Masterson, Studio Manager for our Landscape Architecture team in the West Palm Beach, FL office.

Hang has been with WGI for over a year now and has already made a meaningful impact on several significant projects. So much so, that in the short time between recording this episode and releasing it, Hang was promoted from a Senior Project Manager to Studio Manager! She also was recently selected by her peers to be an  Awesome Associate!

We listened to Hang as she told us what it was like growing up in a small town in Northern China, and how her love for drawing and fashion design inspired her to pursue a career in landscape architecture. We learned she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the Dalian University of Technology in China, then went on to obtain a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Hang Masterson and family

We discussed the culture shock she experienced when first moving to the US and why she chose to put down roots in South Florida. Hang also told us what she enjoys doing in her spare time with her husband and daughter and discussed what country they hope to travel to next.

Go listen now to find out what popular food Hang doesn’t like, what song she knows all the words to, and how many times she has changed her name!

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