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Tree ID University – Austin, TX

Associates from our Austin, TX office recently embarked on a cross-discipline walking tour to learn about the local tree species in our area.
Tree ID University Colter

Like many of our offices across the country, the Austin, Texas office is comprised of associates from several disciplines that must work together on a variety of projects.

In order to facilitate knowledge sharing across disciplines, WGI team member, Colter Sonneville presented on the local tree species in the Central Texas area and how to identify them. Colter is a project manager in our Landscape Architecture group and is a certified arborist.

Colter Sonneville
Colter Sonneville, PLA, ISA Certified Arborist

After a brief 30-minute lunch presentation, associates embarked on a walking tour around the neighborhood to identify several species of trees that are native to the area.

Siri Soth, a Civil Engineer, got a lot of value out of the presentation. She said, “Today’s tree talk with Colter was amazing. I learned a lot about trees that I see every day and trees that are proposed in our projects all the time. It was really cool to be able to just walk around our office and get insight into what he does and how it ties into what we do.”

Austin Tree Identification

Colter said, “I hope that the people who went on today’s tour have more of an appreciation for trees in Austin and the unique characteristics of the trees. I hope they think about nature a little differently when they’re walking around.”

Tree Map Handout

To learn more about the presentation, check out the video below!

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