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Webinar Recap: Safe and Secure: Harmonizing comfort and function with the needs of occupant safety and security

In this webinar recap, Eric Luttmann discusses how to overcome the challenge of achieving security and function with a holistic assessment and design effort.
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In the latest session of our Webinar Series, Eric Luttmann discusses the design strategies you can incorporate to effectively harmonize comfort and function in your building while also supporting occupant safety and security.

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Eric goes into detail on the creative and meaningful applications you can utilize in the building design process that allows for building security to function as a fortress but is also appealing to occupants to the point that they don’t actually feel like they are in a fortress.

Achieving a successful and balanced project that enhances a facility’s security measures in an appealing manner is no easy task and requires extensive expertise to accomplish.

If you missed the live session or want to learn more about how to strike the balance between safety and comfort, check out this live recap of the webinar below:

Public Entities & Major Companies Are Looking To Enhance Their Facility Security 🔐 Measures

WGI’s Architects are capable of seamlessly promoting dynamic building forms to reflect function and respond to the surrounding environment to deliver innovative and thoughtful design solutions.

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Designing for Safety and Security

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