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Webinar Recap: Sustainable Design, Construction, and Operation of Parking Facilities

In this Webinar Recap, Rob McConnell, PE analyzes the origins of Parksmart and its relationship to LEED certification and discusses sustainable design, construction, and operational strategies for parking structures.
Rob M

In the latest session of our Webinar Series, Rob McConnell, PE discusses the concepts, philosophies, and emerging innovative strategies that are defining sustainability in today’s industry.

Rob gives us a detailed explanation of why and how parking facilities are transitioning from LEED certification to Parksmart certification and the operational benefits behind the practice that is quickly becoming the new standard in parking facilities nationwide.


Although transitioning from LEED to Parksmart can potentially be challenging, this webinar can assist by shedding some light on the process and highlighting the potential benefits that will come with the widespread adoption of this new sustainable parking strategy.

If you missed the live session or want to learn more about transitioning to a Parksmart certification or how sustainability can benefit your future projects, check out this live recap of the webinar below:

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