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Webinar Recap: Top 10 Development Considerations in San Antonio

Before you begin your next development project in San Antonio, here are 10 development considerations from WGI’s local experts.

In the latest session of our Webinar SeriesTaylor Allen, PE, and Amanda Saldivar, EIT, addressed the unique site challenges developers may encounter when developing land in San Antonio, Texas.

Attendees from across the country tuned in to this enlightening webinar to learn from WGI experts who gave crucial insight to developers. In their presentation, Taylor and Amanda discussed the zoning, political, environmental, and infrastructure challenges to be cognizant of before embarking on a new development project, along with comprehensive strategies to overcome these concerns before, and during the development process. 

In this webinar, attendees learned:

  • Local land use and zoning requirements
  • How to navigate the obstacle that is local politics
  • Geographic and geological site characteristics
  • The potential impacts on local traffic and required roadway improvements
  • Utility entitlements, electric service, and impact fees
  • Maximum and minimum parking requirements
  • What to expect when dealing with historic preservation
  • Drainage and floodplains
  • And much more

For more information about site development considerations in San Antonio, check out the full recap of the webinar below:

Are you in the early stages of a development project?

Taylor’s and Amanda’s tips will help you improve your chances of success when tackling your next development project.

The civil engineering team at WGI can help you navigate all the challenges you may encounter during the land development process, whether they be local land use and zoning ordinances, environmental regulations, drainage and water quality considerations, or impact fees.

Let our experienced professionals guide you through the development process and ensure your project is successful. Contact our team today!

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