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WGI Unleased Podcast Episode 49 – Tom Bernard, MEP Market Leader

On this episode of WGI Unleashed, we get to know Tom Bernard, Market Leader for our MEP Engineering Team based in our Tampa, FL office.
Tom B Unleashed

In this episode, we got to chat with Tom Bernard, a Market Leader for our MEP Engineering team. Tom is based in our Tampa, FL office and recently celebrated his one-year anniversary with WGI. While visiting our West Palm Beach office recently, Tom was excited to hop on the mic and join us on the show.

Tom and his wife have three children, a husky named Prints, and an English Budgie named Uncle Rico (a reference to the movie Napoleon Dynamite). Tom enjoys outdoor adventures, live music, and mountain biking. During the discussion, Tom dropped a fun fact about himself — he once designed a piece of hardware that was in the space shuttle back in the day!

Tom has two decades of professional experience as a mechanical engineer with extensive mechanical and plumbing system design experience. He received his Bachelor of Science at Gannon Univerity in Erie, Pennsylvania. He has specialty expertise in heat exchange and fluid science for new construction, expansion, and renovation, including cryogenic systems, liquified gases, and other extreme cold applications. Tom’s main area of focus is consulting with clients and developing teams in support of solving their most important technical needs.

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