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WGI Unleased Podcast Episode 51 – Wes Kaisershot, Regional Manager Utilities Engineering

On this episode of WGI Unleashed, we get to know Wes Kaisershot, Regional Manager Utilities Engineering for our SUE Team based in our Austin, TX office.
Wes Kaisershot

We had the privilege of getting to know Wes Kaisershot, Regional Manager Utilities Engineering on our SUE team located in our Austin, TX office. Wes has been with WGI for about a year and has over 23 years of experience in his field.

Wes talked about how he studied engineering at the Colorado School of Mines (not to be confused with The School of Modern Mime). Wes was born in Chicago, IL but considers Nebraska his home. He enjoys power walking, mountain bike riding, golf, and can juggle 3 oranges at a time! He is married to his lovely wife Shannon and has three children in a blended family.

Wes is an experienced professional civil engineer specializing in subsurface utility engineering (SUE), utility coordination, utility conflict analysis, utility engineering, utility adjustment design, oversight, and utility monitoring and verification. He has worked closely with TxDOT and consultant highway design to develop utility investigations and roadway conflict analysis and avoid utility relocations. He is frequently called upon to provide clients with a cost-effective approach that meets or exceeds current standards. His well-rounded experience in working with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), TxDOT, and the private sector allows him to successfully manage complex projects that require the highest degree of attention to detail, knowledge of the various client levels, and appreciation for the work and review processes that occur. His proactive communication style is key to coordinating large teams of sub-consultants, contractors, clients, and stakeholders to procure timely and successful projects.

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