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WGI Unleased Podcast Episode 52 – Blake Wallace, Data Engineer

On this episode of WGI Unleashed, we get to know Blake Wallace, a Data Engineer in our Info Technology division, who is based out of our Tampa, FL office.
Blake Wallace

We had a blast this episode talking to Blake Wallace, a Data Engineer in our Tampa, Florida office. Blake is a part of our Info Technology division and has been with WGI for over 3 years.

Blake told us what it was like growing up in a small town in Florida, after being adopted from Thailand as a toddler. We learned that he joined the Marines fresh out of high school, and also got some insight on just how much fun one can have when working the night shift alone at Kinkos.

Blake discussed his love for all genres of music, that he likes to build and race drones (who knew you could race drones 🤷‍♀️), and how he used to compete in autocross. As for pets, we learned he has one cat at home, as well as 3 adorable parking lot strays he cares for at work!

blake wallace and office kitten 1 blake wallace office kittens

Blake develops new solutions that improve efficiencies, enhance existing processes and deliver outstanding results. He has a diverse background, which includes systems integration and implementation, business intelligence, data engineering and wrangling, and ERP systems administration.

Blake has amassed over 20 years of experience in the technology and software realm, and is an excellent resource when it comes to making systems more efficient and productive.

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