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WGI Unleashed Episode 23 – Jeffrey Bergmann P.E., Senior Project Manager

Welcome back to WGI Unleashed! In this episode, we have the opportunity to chat with Jeffrey Bergmann, P.E., a Senior Project Manager, and Structural Engineer.
Jeffrey Bergmann

Jeffrey is a leader with our Structural Solutions team and is a direct impact on public and private projects across the country ranging from Bridge Design, Seawalls, Piers, Cell Towers, to Vertical Construction and more. Jeffrey spoke with us about his team’s ability and passion to deliver structural expertise to projects requiring unique structural solutions.

We also discussed a bit of Jeffrey’s professional history, which began in New Mexico working for incredibly interesting government and military contracts surrounding interesting structures and technology. He eventually made his way to South Florida because of his love for the weather there, not to mention scuba diving. He spends his time in his community with his family and has aspirations to improve his music skills with each day!

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