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WGI Unleashed Episode 24 – Artis Dukes, Engineer Intern

Welcome back to WGI Unleashed! In this episode, we have the opportunity to chat with Engineer Intern, Artis Dukes. 

Artis is a part of our Roadway Team in the Orlando, Florida office. Artis spoke with us about his experience with engineering analysis, design, and production for roadway projects here at WGI. Artis also discussed the benefits of starting as a drainage engineer and then transitioning into the roadway position he now holds.

Artis shared his experience of working on the now completed Wekiva Parkway Design-Build project, and how being a civil engineer gives him the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.

We also discussed Artis’ experience living and working in Juneau, Alaska for two years with the Coast Guard, how he spends his free time with his daughter, and his passion for cooking.

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