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WGI Unleashed Podcast Episode 63 – Ravali Kosaraju, Director of Mobility

On the latest episode of WGI Unleashed, we head over to the “Lone Star State” to get to know WGI’s Director of Mobility, Ravali Kosaraju from our San Antonio, TX office.
Ravali Kosaraju podcast

For episode 63 of WGI Unleashed, we sat down with WGI’s Director of Mobility, Ravali Kosaraju, who joined WGI over a year ago and has significantly grown our Mobility division during her short time with the firm.

Ravali explained what it was like growing up and attending grade school in India and cleared up the debate on how to correctly pronounce her name. She talked to us about the culture shock she experienced after moving from India to Canada as a teenager and what it was like to attend college in Canada, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto.

She took us through the first few years of her career working in the public sector for several cities and told us why she decided to transition to the private arena and join WGI. Ravali also detailed her involvement with the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) and how she was recently named one of their ITE Young Leaders to Follow for 2022.

Ravali Kosaraju at Knock Out Night
Ravali with some of the other ladies of WGI at RECA’s Knock Out Night event this year

Ravali met her husband on an online dating website and they had a bright and active three-year-old daughter together. She also shared that in her spare time, she enjoys going on long hikes in nature, crocheting, and just spending quality time with her family.

Listen to the full podcast now and find out if Ravali’s ever gotten a speeding ticket, what superpower she would like to have and why, and the number of different languages she can speak! 

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