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WGI Unleashed Podcast Episode 40 – Jeff Cassell and Katherine Heighway, Business Development Team

On this special episode of WGI Unleashed, we get to know Katherine Heighway and Jeff Cassell from our Business Development team in different offices – Austin, TX and Orlando, FL.

In this episode of WGI Unleashed, we got to chat with Jeff Cassell, Proposal Coordinator who is located in our Orlando, FL office, and Katherine Heighway, Senior Proposal Coordinator located in our Austin, TX office. Both Katherine and Jeff work in our Business Development Team.

Jeff’s experience is very broad and versatile from various forms of media which include magazine production, special print and digital projects in the newspaper industry, working at an advertising agency, and in radio broadcasting. Katherine’s strategic writing and proposal development skills stem from my Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin. They both work with our technical professionals to develop captivating responses to RFPs/RFQs that spark the interest of our clients.

As the podcast continued, we got to know both Jeff and Katherine more on a personal level. Jeff has his own sports podcast that he hosts and we found out Katherine has visited over 24 countries and her first language is German!

Check out Jeff’s podcasts Jeff Allen Sportstalk and AAC Report With Jeff Allen.

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