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Our architectural design practice focuses on Department of Transportation and municipal building projects. Visualization, feasibility planning, and building design which utilizes the latest technologies allow us to deliver practical designs which achieve our client’s vision.


Projects are fully coordinated in a virtual setting through the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software before a shovel ever hits the ground. This technology allows the project design team to utilize clash detection and provide various levels of analysis, creating a more sound and integrated design solution that includes all building design disciplines.


Visualization in architecture is paramount in providing clients the opportunity to perceive and understand their projects prior to them being fully realized during design and construction. We have the capability and technologies to provide 3D modeling, still perspective renderings, animated fly-through experiences, 360-degree virtual reality tours, and even augmented reality through smart phone devices.


Feasibility and programming studies are services provided to assist clients with determining the scope and/or practicality of a project prior to embarking on the design phases. This is a vital step for clients to define the building blocks for any given project, including capital funding needs, space allocation for employees, equipment selections, spatial relationships, cultural and economic effects, aesthetic impacts on communities, future growth and environmental analyses.



We design efficient, practical buildings where form follows function. Our goal is to design buildings that achieve the client’s vision, meet project requirements and stay well within budget. Simple, functional designs ensure a maximum return on every dollar spent.

Our Architecture services include:

Building Design Services

  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare
  • Educational Facilities


  • 3-Dimensional Modeling
  • Still Perspective Renderings
  • Animated Fly-Through
  • 360 Degree Virtual Reality Tours
  • Augmented Reality

Feasibility Studies

  • Request for Proposals
  • Request for Qualifications
  • Design-Build Criteria Development
  • Construction Manager Qualifications
  • Selection Assistance
  • Master Planning
  • Project Scope Establishment

Featured Projects

FDOT District 1 – I-75 Charlotte County Rest Areas
FDOT District 5 – Brevard Operations Center
FDOT Turnpike Enterprise Operations Center Addition (Mile Post 65) Pompano
Jewish Federation of South Palm Guardhouse and Entrance Redevelopment

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Director, Architecture

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Project Architect