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Project Spotlight: Travis Flats & Travis County North Campus (Austin, TX)

WGI was commissioned to provide MEP services for the NEW Travis Flats & Travis County North Campus mixed-use, mixed-income development in North Austin, TX!

Located in the Ridgetop neighborhood of North Austin, TX, Travis Flats & Travis County North Campus, is a unique, mixed-use, mixed-income development project that is the first of its kind in the region, bringing much-needed affordable housing and jobs to a central location.

travis flats courtyard

Along with the construction of the brand new, 146-unit Travis Flats multifamily housing complex, the overall development includes a five-level parking garage, and an 80,000+ square-foot office component that houses Travis County’s flagship Health & Human Services offices, Veterans Services, and Passport & Jury Services, as well as a small community retail space.

Sustainable Functionality

This stunning example of sustainable design and smart urban planning has transformed a desolate asphalt parking lot into a thriving, green space that benefits both residents and the environment. By reducing the amount of hardscape and incorporating native plants and efficient irrigation systems, the site conserves water and supports local ecosystems.

courtyard travis flats

But it’s not just functional – the “paseo” and courtyard also offer inviting, habitable spaces that encourage relaxation, socializing, and exploration. The paseo, nestled between the office and multifamily buildings, is a verdant oasis with lush vegetation and comfortable seating. Meanwhile, the courtyard is an idyllic retreat for residents and visitors alike. Here, you’ll find built-in landscape elements like large, inviting stone benches that double as natural play structures.

Going the Extra Mile

This multi-faceted development project required all hands on deck for completion. WGI was tasked with providing the sustainability design for MEP systems and energy modeling services. This endeavor included the addition of energy-efficient HVAC systems, reduced-use plumbing fixtures, and condensate collection for irrigation reuse while also being solar-ready.

hvac travis flats

Ultimately, these creatively sustainable design considerations paid off dividends for all parties involved in the development. The final project was awarded an Austin Energy Green Building 3-star rating while simultaneously meeting the City of Austin S.M.A.R.T. Housing requirements. To be considered for these distinctions, developments must provide a certain level of affordable housing, meet certain accessibility and green building standards, and satisfy requirements related to proximity to transit.

travis flats collage

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