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Lake Okeechobee Hydrographic Survey

Pahokee, FL

Project Description

A hydrographic survey was performed on the southeast shore of Lake Okeechobee for a proposed project known as the Pahokee Marina Eco-Island Project. The survey was needed to facilitate the design of offshore barrier islands utilizing dredged material from the lake to protect the marina during future storm events.

The survey provided an underwater view to determine the quantities of material available to design the islands. In addition to the area around the marina, sub-bottom profiles were conducted to determine if the soil could be used as additional dredge material.

Thirty-two miles of sub-bottom profile line was conducted during this phase of the survey. In addition, the transects in the marina area totaled about 83 miles of survey lines, creating the basis for the final contour map.

To complete the elevations above the waterline, dual frequency GPS rovers provided the fastest and most accurate method. The offshore and onshore information were combined within CAD software to create the base map for the final engineering design.

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