Thomas Street Stormwater Pump Station Environmental

Mock, Roos & Associates, Inc.
Delray Beach, FL

Project Description

WGI provided survey and environmental support on this major replacement of an existing dated single flap-gate stormwater pump station with gravity discharge to the Intracoastal Waterway. The project included a complete replacement of the existing facility and shoreline to construct a new headwall, three additional outfall discharge pipes, new pumps, and upstream pollution control structures to address local and state water quality and quantity criteria. Additional improvements included major reconfiguration to add an energy dissipator box and scour protection (rip rap) within tidal surface waters to account for discharge velocities, sea-level rise, tidal fluctuations, and scour.

While in the planning phase, WGI worked closely with the City to authorize and conduct a seagrass survey within growing season to produce an agency-verified seagrass survey to facilitate the SFWMD ERP and USACE Section 10 permitting efforts which were subsequently awarded under a new contract. Through early coordination and due diligence planning, the team avoided project schedule delays due to seasonal survey constraints. WGI provided sustainable design recommendations to ensure environmental protection measures (e.g., manatee grates and exclusion devices) were incorporated into the design and successfully cleared all permits for inclusion with the project bid package.


• Early in the life of the project, WGI identified potential project schedule and permitting constraints and avoided major delays through a comprehensive approach. As an added bonus, WGI assisted with compiling detailed environmental information to aid the City with grant funding pursuits.

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