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Wellington 9/11 Memorial

The Village of Wellington
Wellington, FL

Project Description

Following the 9/11 attacks of 2001, World Trade Center artifacts were made available to public agencies all over the world. The Village of Wellington chose a piece of steel (known as C-46) to serve as the centerpiece in a memorial for the victims of the attacks. Wellington erected the Patriot Memorial in time for its dedication on September 11, 2011.

To aid in the design of the Patriot Memorial, a laser scan image was provided of C-46, a three-column exterior section from the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Scans were performed from multiple field setups to provide a dense point cloud of the structure.

This information was configured into a precise model that the architect and contractor used to coordinate the design of support columns and ensured that the ultimate angle of the steel section achieved the aesthetic goals. The result is a three-dimensional representation of the steel that allowed the architect to effectively design the memorial for maximum effect.

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