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Project Spotlight: YETI Flagship Store & Corporate HQ

Traditional retail and corporate spaces have been re-imagined as unique and functional destinations in our NEW Project Spotlight!

Nestled in the heart of downtown Austin, TX and in the Hill CountryYETI‘s Flagship Store and Corporate Headquarters stand as both architectural and engineering marvels – fully embodying the YETI spirit of a relaxed outdoor lifestyle.

What was once a forgotten warehouse in downtown Austin has since been transformed into the now iconic YETI Flagship store, a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. Simultaneously, the Lantana Ridge office project, engineered in part by WGI, houses the new and highly regarded YETI corporate headquarters.

Leaving their mark on the fabric of downtown Austin’s landscape, these two projects stand as the crowning achievement of the collaborative efforts between YETI and WGI’s engineering experts!


From Neglect to Grandeur:

The journey of YETI’s Flagship store from a forgotten warehouse to a vibrant destination is a testament to innovation and engineering excellence.

Providing Civil and MEP engineering expertise, WGI played a pivotal role in revitalizing this once-neglected warehouse to craft a harmonious oasis seamlessly integrated into Austin’s downtown. WGI’s Civil engineering experts navigated the intricacies of the site, providing Water & Wastewater Tap Plans, Site Permitting for an Outdoor Patio, and Construction Administration services.

These foundational services set the stage for the grand transformation of this 8,600 square-foot space into the iconic YETI Flagship store, which now captivates visitors and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


HVAC and Electrical Design: A Delicate Balancing Act:

At the core of the YETI Flagship store’s success lies the delicate balance of WGI’s thoughtful MEP strategy and design. With an emphasis on YETI’s aesthetic goals, our team delicately crafted a space to draw people in and emphasize YETI’s immense product offering.

As part of this strategy, WGI’s MEP experts not only designed efficient HVAC and electrical systems but also ensured that the space remained open, comfortable, and inviting for visitors, regardless of the weather conditions.


Creating a Mecca for YETI Enthusiasts:

Beyond its retail functionality, the YETI Flagship store also acts as an immersive space crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

With a bar and a music stage seamlessly integrated into the floor plan, the Flagship store’s new design pays homage to YETI’s overarching mission of providing more than just a shopping visit but rather a memorable experience.


The Corporate Oasis: YETI’s Southwest Austin Headquarters:

As the ongoing partnership between YETI and WGI continued to blossom, our team was also selected to play a key role in the development of the Lantana Ridge office project, now housing the new YETI corporate headquarters.

Designed by GFF Architects for Lincoln Property Company, this one-of-a-kind campus, spanning 175,000 square feet, is a harmonious integration of high-tech corporate spaces with the hill country’s natural beauty, all while mirroring the outdoor lifestyle YETI so passionately advocates.


Amenities to Reflect the YETI Lifestyle:

But this impressive design does not stop there – In alignment with our commitment to greatness, as we creatively transform how our world is envisioned, designed, and experienced, our team of engineering experts didn’t settle for interior design alone. In addition to high-tech corporate amenities, YETI’s new campus was also designed with an array of outdoor offerings to better reflect the YETI brand, such as:

  • An Archery Range
  • Basketball Courts
  • BBQ Pits
  • Jogging Trails
  • And More!

This seamless integration of innovative technology within a corporate space, paired with extensive outdoor amenities, ultimately resulted in a corporate oasis catering to the unique needs and essence of the YETI brand and corporation.


The YETI Flagship store and corporate headquarters in Austin, TX, truly encapsulates the synergy between engineering excellence and visionary design.

WGI’s role in this transformative journey went beyond providing Civil and MEP engineering services alone, as it involved crafting an experience that resonates with YETI enthusiasts and employees alike. These fun and functional projects exemplify how WGI’s collaboration, innovation, and commitment to vision can turn traditional retail or corporate spaces into unique and functional destinations.

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