Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)

Need to properly plan for traffic during and after your project is complete?

Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) enables developers to mitigate traffic impacts and ensure adequate access for the traveling public—an increasingly critical key to success in today’s urban environments. Not sure where to look? Don’t sweat it, WGI’s traffic engineering team has you covered.

Our experts specialize in traffic engineering, transportation planning, and assisting state and local government agencies to overcome the challenges of growth, environmental responsibility, and smart mobility.

Our Services

Our expert team of engineers, design professionals, and consultants are ready to provide support for your next project on a wide range of services. 

Traffic Impact Assessment + Analysis

Our traffic engineers analyze and determine the impact that your project could have on local traffic and make recommendations to offset that impact.

Transportation Planning

We can assist at all project levels, from visioning, research, and analysis to design, project management, and implementation.

Traffic Engineering

Our traffic engineers offer valuable solutions that will ensure your development project is completed without negatively impacting the surrounding communities.

Mobility Studies

Our traffic engineering team studies existing traffic to ensure that new roads can safely support the volume and types of future traffic.

Developing land in a high traffic area?

Traffic and access is a major consideration for any new development project. Depending on its use, a Traffic Impact Analysis may be required. Additionally, roadway improvements, driveway accesses, and off-site improvements could be triggered if the development has high-density traffic demands.

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Lisa Nisenson

VP, New Mobility + Connected Communities

Ravali Kosaraju

Director, Mobility

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Market Leader

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