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Webinar Recap: Top 10 Development Considerations in San Antonio

Uncover the comprehensive strategies to help you overcome the unique challenges surrounding new & existing development projects throughout San Antonio, TX!

Top 10 Development Considerations in San Antonio

In our latest webinar, WGI’s Civil Market Leader, Taylor Allen, PE, shared exclusive insights into the unique challenges facing new and existing development projects in San Antonio, TX. Our subject expert also shared valuable guidance and comprehensive strategies on how to overcome these challenges in order to get the most out of your next development project!

Every property development project poses unique site-specific challenges. Local land-use and zoning requirements can complicate development plans; the site’s geographic and geological characteristics can necessitate creativity and flexibility, and local politics often come into play. As you prepare your real property for development, it’s essential to understand and face the zoning, political, and unique site challenges — and create a comprehensive strategy for overcoming them.

Learning Objectives:
  • Major due diligence items for a new development project
  • Environmental considerations based on project site location 
  • How SAWS and CPS Energy can impact development costs and timelines
  • Historical preservation issues and concerns 
  • What impact fees and related costs should be expected

If you were unable to attend our live webinar session or simply want a refresher, you can watch the full “Top 10 Development Considerations in San Antonio, TX” webinar recap below to take advantage of these invaluable industry tips:


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