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WGI Announces Strategic Partnership with Data-Analytics Provider Urban SDK

Together, WGI and Urban SDK offer clients the ability to enhance safety, improve mobility, and realize cost savings – using data analytics combined with WGI’s robust infrastructure capabilities.

We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Urban SDK, a next generation smart mobility platform.

Founded in 2018, Urban SDK is recognized for its data analytics and predictive-intelligence platforms used to improve data sourcing, reporting, and analysis – contributing to increased safety and traffic flow on its clients’ roadway networks.

Urban SDK’s clients include the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA), and the Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency.

Data + Design = Enhanced Safety and Mobility

Our strategic partnership will work with cities, Municipal Planning Organizations (MPOs), and state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) to streamline data, decision-making, and planning for mobility improvements by applying predictive analytics tools to known data sets.

Together, we will be able to offer clients the ability to enhance safety, improve mobility, and realize cost savings – using data analytics combined with our robust infrastructure capabilities. WGI Ventures (the investment and innovation arm of WGI) is a participant in Urban SDK’s seed investment round.

Urban SDK public dashboard example
Example of UrbanSDK’s public reporting dashboard

WGI’s President Gregory Sauter, architect of the WGI-Urban SDK alliance, said,

Today’s mobility challenges demand that we provide our clients with flexible, data-derived engineering solutions for their transportation and mobility networks. The data-analytics platform developed by Urban SDK will allow our partnership to provide public-service agencies and urban planners rapid insights for decision making, real-time dashboards, and analytic tools with automated data indexing, predictive analytics, and automated reporting of key policy and performance indicators. The result is a more efficient mobility ecosystem.”

Beyond Roadway and Transportation Operations

The combination of WGI and Urban SDK also factors into multiple facets of WGI’s wide range of services and markets – beyond the initially obvious roadway and transportation operations.

As the partnership develops further, Urban SDK’s technologies will enhance our complete streets, placemaking, land planning, civil engineering, community digitization, and transportation planning service areas.

Also welcoming the partnership is WGI Vice President Lisa Nisenson, responsible for its New Mobility and Connected Communities practice.

The WGI mobility team looks forward to very meaningful collaboration with the professionals at Urban SDK, delivering totally complete and smart solutions to our mutual client base.”

Urban SDK WGI data analytics mobility
Example of UrbanSDK’s smart mobility platform that helps city & transportation planners make better decisions.

For Urban SDK’s part, the excitement is also unmistakable. Urban SDK co-founder Drew Messer stated,

“Partnering with a multi-disciplinary engineering and professional services firm of six hundred associates, spread across a national footprint, is a blessing. The partnership grants us access to more potential clients, in addition to technical design and engineering expertise, allowing us faster growth, while enhancing product delivery and product effectiveness for our clients.’

Let’s Improve Our Mobility Ecosystem

To learn more about this partnership and how we can work together with your organization, contact us today! We are excited about what we can achieve together.

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