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What’s a Flag Lot? What are the Flag Lot Regulations in the City of Austin?

Learn how developers can utilize flag lots as an alternative to conventional lots in their projects.
Flag Lots

Flag lots are so named because of the long, slender strips of land resembling flag poles that extend from the typically rectangular main sections of these lots — or the “flags” — out to the street. Each “flag pole” typically provides just enough frontage for vehicle access and is often shared by several neighbors.

The City of Austin adopted a new ordinance related to flag lots in May of 2012. The constant development pressures on the urban core of Austin make flag lots a practical alternative to conventional lots.

Highlights of the City of Austin Flag Lot Ordinance include:

  1. No more than two dwelling units may share a common driveway unless the lots conform to the fire code, utility design criteria, and requirements for access.
  2. The minimum flag “pole” width is 20-feet, or 15-feet if the applicant can demonstrate access through an alternative route.
  3. All flag lots must display an address at their closest point of access to a public street for emergency responders.

Click here to download a copy of the City of Austin flag lot ordinance.

WGI can help you make sense of this ordinance when planning for your next project. Contact us today to discuss your options!

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