NE 2nd Ave Seacrest Beautification Project FDOT (LAP) Environmental Report

City of Delray Beach
Delray Beach, Florida

Project Description

This project arose in response to the requests of the Del-Ida Park Neighborhood to provide a more pleasing streetscape that accommodates pedestrian and bicyclist safety. The City’s Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan and the Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) Master Comprehensive Bicycle Transportation Plan recommended the provision of bicycle facilities along the NE 2nd Avenue corridor which included the project area. The City in conjunction with the City of Delray Beach CRA entered into an agreement to assist in the funding of this city street improvement with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) through the Local Agency Program (LAP). WGI served as the LAP Coordinator and was responsible for completion of all environmental research and site assessments for this project.

WGI prepared a Type 1 Categorical Exclusion Back-up Memorandum for contamination sites, wetland areas, threatened and endangered species locations, flood zone descriptions, permitting requirements, air and water quality, and other LAP document requirements. WGI used ArcGIS Desktop to design detailed maps with the associated topics as attachments. Due to the inclusion of the FDOT LAP funding into this project, WGI staff worked directly with both the City and the FDOT to ensure all criteria and requirements of the LAP funding process were addressed and documented.

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