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Land Development + Infrastructure

With populations booming and land development expanding across the nation, dump trucks are constantly moving dirt around and new infrastructure is popping up daily. Environmental due diligence is a critical step to avoid construction delays associated with protected resources like wetlands, trees, threatened and endangered species, contamination, stormwater, sedimentation and erosion control, and environmental permitting, compliance, and mitigation. Our certified experts will assess your project site, conduct field investigations, and offer hands-on wildlife, contamination, and construction administration services for all your land development, transportation, and infrastructure needs from due diligence through to design and construction.

Land Development +
Infrastructure Projects

I-75 Widening From North of Hernando County Line to South of CR 470 – Permitting and Gopher Tortoise Relocation


Valencia Falls Arborist Services

Sterling Ranches

Sterling Ranches Wetland Mitigation Area


Dunn Two Lakes (Aquabella I and II)

Here's how we can help you with your land development or infrastructure project:

PD&E Studies
Environmental Impact Statements
Contamination Assessments/Contamination Remediation
Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
Soil Sampling/Soil Management Planning
Surface Water Sampling
Water Quality/Turbidity Monitoring
Water Resources Planning
Water Use Permitting
Environmental Resource Permitting

Right of Way Permitting
Wetland Delineations
Tree Surveys/Tree Appraisals
Listed Species/Wildlife Surveys
Gopher Tortoise Permitting
Burrowing Owl Permitting
Vegetation Removal Permitting
Excavation Permitting
Tree Barricade Permitting
Wetland Delineations

Mitigation Planning
Wetland Monitoring
NEPA Compliance
NPDES Compliance
Erosion Control
Construction Inspections and Monitoring
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Eminent Domain
Expert Witness Services

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