Urban + Community Planning

Through comprehensive policy initiatives and innovative design, our planners create clear and responsible development strategies to bring our clients’ visions to life.


As communities evolve to meet the demands of current and future residents, we specialize in creating places where everyone can safely thrive. These transformations are a result of comprehensive planning and implementable design and create the framework for formulating a community vision. 

Urban planning

Here's how we can help you bring your vision to life:

Comprehensive Planning

Land Development Regulations

Master Planning

Urban Design

Site Planning

Community Outreach


Public Space Activation


Complete Streets

Transit-Oriented Development

Multi-Modal Transportation Planning

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We provide a variety of visualization options to help you effectively communicate your project. Our artists produce photorealistic and stylized 3D Renderings, 3D Flythrough Animations, Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences, and 2D Multimedia Animation of the built environment.

Visualization is a critical communication tool to help designers, builders, and investors to all stay on the same page during the decision-making and construction process. Visuals help to save in the long run by cutting construction and rebuilding costs. The use of visuals allows for a quicker approval process. They are easy to share and result in fewer design changes.

Renderings are powerful tools that act as a magic bridge taking oneself from drawings to completed designs in the blink of an eye. A rendering can spark the imagination like nothing else.

Public Outreach

Through traditional and non-traditional stakeholder engagement techniques, we use innovative tools to promote active partnerships, strong stakeholder relationships, and two-way communication with residents and businesses.

Public OUtreach

Complete Streets

Today, street design is a literal and figurative crossroad. Unmet access, safety, and sustainability goals endure while emerging trends & technologies are increasing demand for street space. Every street cannot be complete for every mode, so Complete Streets work best within networks featuring safe & convenient connections. Our project team pinpoints priority modes, network, and streetscape elements. We find options for street, curb, and sidewalk design for any variety of contexts.


Introducing Complete Streets+ … the next generation of future-ready streets. Watch this video to learn more about how WGI is helping communities improve mobility, economic, social, and environmental performance.


Our Planning + Urban Design team is comprised of experienced professionals with a reputation for highly innovative, implementable, and sustainable planning solutions.


With a multidisciplinary approach, we can assist at all project levels, from visioning, research, and analysis to design, project management, and implementation.

Angela Biagi

Director, Urban and Community Planning

Landscape Architecture, Urban Design

Cat Mom, Plant Expert, Book Lover

Deidre Oge


Deidre Oge

Self-taught baker, Fashionista, Nature lover

Andrew Crozier

Urban Designer

Urban Design, Graphic Design

World traveler, Coffee Connoisseur, Lover of all Fluffy Animals

Erica Guertin


Urban Design

Amateur Chef, Cat Lover

Elena Gurchinskaia

3D Renderer / Visualization Artist

Idea Visualization,
Graphic Design

Art Lover, Travel Junkie

Courtney Powell

Planning Manager

Comprehensive Planning,
Land Management

Dog Mom, Beach Wanderer, Travel Enthusiast

Roxann Read

Project Manager

Roxann Read

Mom, DEI advocate, Disney enthusiast

Benjamin Valente



Gardener, Pedestrian, Google Street View Afficianado

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Director, Urban and Community Planning


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