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Mitigating traffic impacts and ensuring adequate access for the traveling public is increasingly critical to the success of today’s urban environments. Our focus on traffic and transportation engineering brings valuable solutions to state and local government agencies and private clients as our region faces the challenges of growth, environmental responsibility, and smart mobility.


BIG RED DOG a division of WGI completed the transportation and traffic analysis for this 75-acre mixed-use development in Austin, Texas. The final Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) was approved by the City with all impacts on vehicles fully mitigated by the project, and several pedestrian, bicycle, and transit improvements made in the surrounding neighborhood. BIG RED DOG a division of WGI also created the first Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan for a private development in the City of Austin, with aims to further reduce vehicle trip generation. This comprehensive TDM program evaluated project features and measures offered by the applicant as part of the project to determine vehicle trip generation reductions.


BIG RED DOG a division of WGI engaged in a neighborhood-wide planning effort for the Rainey Neighborhood in Austin, Texas. BIG RED DOG a division of WGI performed extensive data collection covering every transportation mode within the boundary area, conducted several public workshops and stakeholder outreach meetings to determine needs for residents, employees, and visitors, and developed a list of recommended improvements that both consider the future redevelopment of the area. Future phases of this work include finalizing the recommendations and improvements list and identifying potential funding sources.


BIG RED DOG a division of WGI performed an evaluation of the traffic signal system for the City of Richardson, Texas. A detailed analysis of travel times and bottleneck locations was performed and compared to similar corridors in other Dallas-area cities to determine the effectiveness of the City’s signal system. In addition, BRD worked closely with the City of Richardson traffic engineering staff, City management, City Council, and citizens to determine if there are improvements that could be made to the existing system. BRD recommended potential next steps for improving connectivity and reducing delays, taking into account the safety of all roadway users.



Mitigating traffic impacts and ensuring adequate access for the traveling public is increasingly critical to the success of today’s urban environments.

Our Traffic Engineering services include:

Traffic Impact Studies

  • Feasibility & Site Analysis
  • Traffic Impact Analysis Studies
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Traffic Signal Warrant Studies
  • Toll Feasibility Studies
  • Pedestrian Safety Audits
  • Intelligent Transportation System Design
  • Traffic Calming Studies and Designs
  • Complete Streets and Streetscape projects
  • Conceptual Highway and Intersection Analysis and Design
  • Interchange Justification and Modification Studies
  • Roadway Striping and Signing Plans
  • Traffic Engineering Assistance for Local Agencies
  • Traffic Counting
  • Traffic Accident and Safety Studies

Transportation Planning Services

  • Traffic Modeling
  • Traffic Forecasting Studies
  • Shared Parking Studies
  • Site Access and Circulation Studies
  • Corridor and Planning Area Studies
  • Travel Demand Modeling
  • Pedestrian, Bicycle and Trail Master Planning
  • Bikeway (Veloway) Planning and Design
  • Pedestrian Route Planning
  • ADA Accessible Planning and Design
  • Public Transportation and Transit Planning

Traffic Signal Design Services

  • Traffic Signal System Design Plans
  • Traffic Signal Modifications
  • Traffic Signal Emergency Vehicle Preemption Systems
  • Traffic Signal Railroad and Passenger Rail Preemption Systems
  • Traffic Signal Bus Priority Systems
  • Signal Interconnect Systems
  • Traffic Signal Construction Management
  • Simulation, Optimization and Signal Timing Studies
  • Traffic Signal System Monitoring and Management

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