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Our energy clients are confronting rapid and sustained urbanization, investment funding gaps, and a real need for resilience in the face of climate change. The professionals at WGI have the experience in addressing these challenges that our clients demand.
Oil & Gas Renewable Energy (Wind & Solar) Transmission & Distribution


Our oil and gas experience has included civil and structural engineering design, route and layout design, mapping of existing assets, and the analysis of route alternatives. 

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Renewable Energy (Wind & Solar)

Our Renewable Energy experience has included civil and structural engineering design for site and structures, transmission route design, the analysis of route alternatives, and the mapping of existing assets. 

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Transmission & Distribution

Transmission and distribution of energy requires a firm knowledge of right-of-way and eminent domain laws, engineering design, transmission route design and the analysis of route alternatives. Our experience in the locating and route design for transmission mains allows us to be a market leader for our energy clients. 

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